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Although FireStar is not new, in many ways we are the new kids on the block.  Today, our EdgeNode platform brings practical distributed solution architecture to markets where the secure exchange of information and coordination of efforts between independent entities holds tremendous potential to revolutionize outcomes. 

Many aspects of our unique technology are covered by granted and pending patents.

FireStar has also worked with industry groups such as Object Management Group (OMG), Open Health Tools, and others to help develop open industry standards required in an effective exchange of information. One result of this effort is the growing adoption of an open standard for delivering semantic interoperability of information between organizations.

Board of Directors

Richard C.E. Morgan,  Chairman
Robert Anthonyson
Chris Sanders

Senior Management

Chris Sanders, CEO
Mark Eisner, Chief Architect

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FireStar Software is an Amphion Innovations Partner Company.  Amphion builds shareholder value in high growth companies in the medical and technology sectors, by using a focused, hands-on company building approach, based on decades of experience in both the US and UK.

Amphion has a significant shareholding in its Partner Companies developing proven technologies targeting substantial commercial marketplaces, each in excess of $1 billion. Each Partner Company is chosen with the goal of achieving an exit valuation in excess of $100 million.
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