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The need for independent entities to share data digitally and to conduct cooperative business transactions based on that information is universal across most industries. Nowhere is this truer than in healthcare. 

The ability to create solutions that leverage information technology to improve coordination of patient care while sharing sensitive health information between otherwise discrete entities, cost-effectively, is a fundamental need. However, it is not being well-addressed.

Such cooperative healthcare transactions usually involve multiple steps to complete (e.g., review, cleanse, anonymize, consult, report, etc.) and multiple independent entities (e.g., PCP, Clinics, Specialists, Hospitals, Labs, Imaging Centers, etc.) each with differing records systems (e.g., EHR, PACS, CTMS, etc.) from different vendors. These entities all have a need to share health information and to coordinate their actions based on that information.  However, their different installed software systems often do not interoperate without expensive new software or customization.

​FireStar EdgeNode provides a secure, auditable platform between otherwise independent entities. It makes implementing coordinated healthcare transactions such as patient referrals or the review/approval of patient data relatively cost effective and easy to implement. 

FireStar EdgeNode is a logical choice for those trying to address the growing demand for flexible, economical and easy to deploy solutions that facilitate working together to meet the demands in healthcare.

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Connecting to Coordinate in Healthcare
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