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EdgeNode is an innovative software platform that facilitates business coordination between otherwise independent entities and their existing software systems.  It creates a “members-only” network between associated but independent entities that implements the cooperative processes necessary for them to coordinate and work together.  

​Each FireStar EdgeNode gateway provides a powerful ability to implement solutions that call for multiple step, multiple party interactions typical when entities in many industries must coordinate their activities. 

EdgeNode is easily downloaded and installed.  It provides a messaging platform that securely connects one entity to another without requiring that the existing software used to conduct day-to-day business be replaced

The EdgeNode platform connects sender to receiver directly without the need to trust a third-party with access to the information.  It provides field-level encryption and access authorization, and it uses digital signatures to create a complete audit trail of every message exchanged.  

Each FireStar EdgeNode gateway interacts with existing local software solutions already in use, avoiding the need to replace them to achieve interoperability. A major part of this capability is the technology’s ability to transform one data representation to another, as needed to ensure semantic interoperability. 

The result is a fundamentally different approach to automating efforts to connect independent entities trying to work together.

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